Minecraft: 2014 Midwest Youth Services Unconference

Session Topic: Minecraft

Session Facilitator: Alice M

Session Recorder: Cassie Fox


Minecraft Programs:

4th – 12th grade – IT dept. purchased user names to be used by groups

  • Buttons & fuse bead crafts
  • Technology problems interfere with fluidity & success of program – especially difficult when you do not have tech. staff present who can help

Monthly in adult computer lab – teen volunteers help (they have experience)

  • Program is for ages 8-12
  • In-house accounts for patron use

Minecraftedu launcher http://minecraftedu.com/ – one computer reserved for minecraft server

  • Teacher can set world that everyone connects to
  • Facebook group – Minecraft in Libraries

Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

  • Helps to acquaint kids with program – IT staff or teen created

Program Structure:

Minecraft Monday – use computer lab, dummy accounts, kids are encouraged to come with knowledge – 4//5th grade & sometimes middle schoolers, they can log in from home on external server (with IP address given by attending a program) – limited access to those who have been added – this helps kids to have a known group to play with and reassures parents of a safe environment

Monthly Program – sign-up ahead of time, they can come four times in a row and then space must be available for someone else to come, free play

Monthly Programs split into age groups – separate server for library use, doesn’t seem to do well with mods or additional maps

Tips & Extras:

  • Very popular – spots fill fast!
  • Food bribes not necessary
  • 4 – 5, 4:30 – 5:30 good times – they need the full time to use
  • Consider your space – near quiet areas can cause issues
  • Work closely with IT dept.
  • Consider after hours program
  • Minecraft can be played on the Raspberry Pi
  • It does not run as easily on WiFi
  • Encourages kids/teens to work together – lots of advice offered
  • Everything may not work smoothly – success comes with experience and preparation!
  • No teen volunteers? Troll computers for kids playing Minecraft and ask for their help
  • Option when World Crashes – use LAN Party (from minecraft website) – will be very basic


Did you attend this session? Do you have anything to add? Please do so in the comments!


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