Outreach & Partnering with School Librarians

Outreach & Relationships with School Librarians

Library Card Drives

School fairs and area festivals-but decide which ones are worth your time. Is it too noisy, hot, not a good place or time for a library visit? Can you compete? Visit community events. Don’t rent booth space instead walk around and promote the library and library info. You’re there talking to the kids.

Visit school sporting events-go to school events and host a program. Ask the school for permission for a visit-have a table at school event.

Saturday morning storytimes at the Laundromat

Look at your community and figure out where people are and where there’s a need.

Chat & Chew-Book discussions over state nominees award over lunchtime. Kids eat lunch in the library. One book a month.

Visit schools once a month, visit every class during their library time. Read picture books and do activities.

SRP promotion at each school before Summer Reading, read picture books for all ages

How do you reach the preschools? Child care centers need us the most-get into child care centers.

Approach the schools, principals, school librarians, preschools-ask “what can I do to help you?” Offer suggestions of what you can offer. We’re all doing the same thing

Reception for school staff hosted by the library or at the library, give them contact information for librarians and resources you can offer them.

Digital access cards for students for school year for library online resources.

Don’t forget principals-let them know you appreciate them allowing you to visit their school.

Visit training days at schools and new teacher luncheons

Connect with patrons at the library, find out who the teachers are

Book kits with copies of the same book, check out to schools and rotate between the schools

Summer schools-run the summer reading program and take programs into the schools during the summer

You only have so many hours, so determine who needs you most


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