Outside the Box Programming

Outside the Box Programming Ideas


  • 18 inch Doll Camp with reading, camping, and snacks
  • Stop animation, flip books, plays, short stories, wordless picture books
  • Kid run storytime, bring your favorite book
  • Puppet show, tickets to show for audience
  • Magic show performed by kids
  • Minute to win it program with kid and parent teams
  • Teach your parents Mindcraft
  • Hunger Games program, design your own tribute competition, tribute for each library branch
  • President’s Day, First Lady dress design, fashion and crafts
  • Creation from supplies, Crafter-noon
  • Lego programs, Wedo
  • Creation with boxes and supplies, fostering children’s creativity and imagination
  • Bibliobop dance party, listen and move, freestyle, reading book during intermission, ribbons, scarfs, parachutes, instruments
  • Sugar Free All Stars band, kindi-rock
  • Glow party Heroes vs. Villains, glow sticks, balloons, team comic strip creation
  • Just Dance tournament
  • Spy training, finger printing, training skills, strings for laser beams, destroy the evidence (food)
  • Maze runner program, maze in the library
  • Live Pac Man program, Angry Birds, Ninja Turtles
  • Hollywood Game night, TV show inspired games, trivia
  • Dewey Decimal ducks
  • Live action games/ role playing games, Clue, Monopoly, Candy Land
  • Author talk, read some of the books, learn about the author’s life
  • Movie night with movie money for snacks
  • Movies with interactive elements, sing along (Frozen), costumes, craft while watching (robot building/Big Hero 6)
  • Harry Potter Quidditch and other HP themes

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