Storytime for Babies and Toddlers

Storytime for Babies and Toddlers           

Toddler Time-open play with a couple of stories, 18-36 months, registration-St Louis County

St Charles-Toddlers & Twos-birth-3, Fun for One-1 year olds, time for twos-2-year-olds, Preschool-3-6

Goals: Color  Game, Count to Five, Learn simple directions

Format-Books, Fingerplays, rhymes, lap bounces, simple craft, goodbye song-some libraries have activities, others all books, songs and a simple craft

Toddler storytime the focus is on parent and child interaction

Crafts? Not crafts exactly, work on fine motor skills, open ended art activity, not product art-no coloring sheets! Stopped doing crafts because it’s more parent led-parents are doing the crafts instead. Open ended process art. Stop doing examples.

Stations-sensory activity, open toys with play

Registration for storytime or not?-Most libraries don’t require registration

“You decide”-2’s decide what song or rhyme to sing

Book basket full of books-parents and children can read together as an activity

Less is more!

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat-Babies and Toddlers are happy with repetition! It’s not about you-it’s about the kids, so do what they love.

It’s about the caregivers-modeling behavior for the parents

Incorporate shapes with colors

Add additional sessions when you know it’s going to be busy

Once a month evening storytime

Messy activities for writing-shaving cream, cloud dough, jello

Making Learning Fun-racing tracks of letters with play cars

Letters cut from various textures for rubbing

Felt board table-felt across the table with robot parts-passive activity for older kids

Baby storytime-one big picture book, board book sets-multiple copies, hand out board books and parents and kids can read together-focus on socialization and play time with babies

Non-tangible ways to evaluate programs-what are your success stories?

Resources: Perry Public Library-Baby Time Games, Rhymes, and Songs-0-24 months

Jbrary-website and youtube videos

How to get parents involved? Call out names of kids, lap bounces







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