Tween Programming

Tween Programming

Facilitator: Alyssa

Recorder: Natascha

Major Questions of Teen Program

  1. General ides for Tween Programming (What Tweens Like)
    1. Crafts
      1. Rainbow loom kits
    2. Quincy Public Library
      1. Do at the Library Program
        1. Do Art Journal (Wreck this Book) (1st Thursday of the month)
        2. Do Make a Mess (Science) (2nd Thursday of the month)
        3. Do Play with Paint (Art and Crafts with Paint) (3rd Thursday of the month)
        4. Do Create (Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction) (4th Thursday of the month)
        5. Do Wild Card (if there was is a 5th Thursday we do an art and craft that does not necessarily match what we already do)
      2. “Fandome” Programs
        1. Iron Chef program
          1. Gather supplies
          2. Teams with one leader who was the only one who could get the supplies
            1. Make items (ie. Car)
            2. Look like gourmet food
            3. Sprung a strange ingredient in the middle that they had to use
          3. Gingerbread Houses (using graham crackers)
            1. Have guidelines
            2. 2 hours to make
            3. Can be a more expensive program
          4. (email
            1. I survived obstacle course
            2. How to Train Your Dragon (author has lots of handouts to use for program
              1. With a teacher who talked about how dragons could have lived in the past
            3. Titanic Programs
              1. Lots of websites you can use
            4. I Survived Series
              1. Titanic
                1. Marbles in an aluminum boat
              2. Lego buildings
                1. Shake to with stand earthquake
              3. Crime Scene Science
                1. Retired Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigator led the program for 5 sessions to cover Crime Scene Science last session was using what they learned to solve a “cookie thief crime”


  1. Definition of Tweens
    1. Common-8-12 year olds (4th-6th grades)
    2. Some do through 8th grade (Springfield Green Public Library)
      1. Children in 7th and 8th are in transition between middle school and high school
      2. Good to collaborate with the Teen librarian(s) to work with programming
        1. Have teens volunteer with programs so the tweens have someone to look up to
  • Should we let children come in when there are not in the area?

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