Early Literacy


What children know about reading and writing before they actually can read and write!

Adding “give me five” as an addition to Every child ready to read @ your library–

Reading is sharing, writing is creating, talking is listening, playing is imagining, singing is rhyming

Starts with survey about story times by asking key questions, making a difference in our story times

Kindergarten readiness; can they count to 10, know their ABCs

Modeling for parents & carers is the current focus on story times

Flip kits-different ages; birth to second grade                     books, materials to do activity and what you child be doing and can be checked out for two week and examined upon return to be sure book is returned

RAP kits-read and play kits where connections can be made between carers and kids and they rotate throughout the county

Passive programming including crayons

Play kits rotate throughout the district in St. Charles County with storage of kids being done by the coordinator, may go the administration building with the youth services manager storing them

Racing to read kits rotating kids with toys between the district in Springfield, outlying areas rotate between their selves

Having a kit be able to check out to customers is a goal for most of the group that attended

Outreach departments in some libraries are also helpful with child care centers

Child care centers coming to the library’s story times, pros and cons

Being able to read to many kids, yet too many kids, no one has fun!

Try having a child care center set up a separate time for library visits

Stories to go – Allison Eckart & Jessica do outreach and grant writing from Springfield-Green County

Grants fund these type of early literacy programs, reapply for grants, this is a summer experience only

Grant positions who were vested, efforts were made to keep the staff responsible and placed in the district budget

United Way has a literacy trail which are located inside parks

Dollar General has literacy kits available through grants

Grant monies are available, take a look at what is available, federal grants are overwhelmingly paperwork laden

Corporate grants are available, not as much paperwork

Corporations include Hamburger helper, Lazy Boys, Scholastic, Wal-Mart, Monsanto, etc

Grants received for puppetry and other options

Babies and technology-do they mix, animal farm app, make a star app, rocket ship app

Digitee tots should be used as a supplement, not they main event

Many technological apps can make reading more changeling because they become involved in the game, not the interaction

Apple TV with a big television attached to an iPad to read along a book with kids

When using technology with children be careful of time limits

When using music at preschools and child care centers be careful of licensing

Happy birthday to you is not public domain, Disney owns it

Change Happy birthday in a different way




Outreach & Partnering with School Librarians

Outreach & Relationships with School Librarians

Library Card Drives

School fairs and area festivals-but decide which ones are worth your time. Is it too noisy, hot, not a good place or time for a library visit? Can you compete? Visit community events. Don’t rent booth space instead walk around and promote the library and library info. You’re there talking to the kids.

Visit school sporting events-go to school events and host a program. Ask the school for permission for a visit-have a table at school event.

Saturday morning storytimes at the Laundromat

Look at your community and figure out where people are and where there’s a need.

Chat & Chew-Book discussions over state nominees award over lunchtime. Kids eat lunch in the library. One book a month.

Visit schools once a month, visit every class during their library time. Read picture books and do activities.

SRP promotion at each school before Summer Reading, read picture books for all ages

How do you reach the preschools? Child care centers need us the most-get into child care centers.

Approach the schools, principals, school librarians, preschools-ask “what can I do to help you?” Offer suggestions of what you can offer. We’re all doing the same thing

Reception for school staff hosted by the library or at the library, give them contact information for librarians and resources you can offer them.

Digital access cards for students for school year for library online resources.

Don’t forget principals-let them know you appreciate them allowing you to visit their school.

Visit training days at schools and new teacher luncheons

Connect with patrons at the library, find out who the teachers are

Book kits with copies of the same book, check out to schools and rotate between the schools

Summer schools-run the summer reading program and take programs into the schools during the summer

You only have so many hours, so determine who needs you most